Top 10 saving tips

Saving on you mobile phone planSaving on your mobile subscription. A SIM only subscription is of course much cheaper than a regular mobile subscription. But we remain Dutch, and so it can always be cheaper. We at Compare SIM Only have made it our mission to help our visitors save costs as much as possible. Hence we have collected the below saving tips for you. Use them to your advantage!

1. Take a large bundle

It may sound contradictory to cut costs by not taking the cheapest bundle. But if you take a slightly larger bundle, it really makes a difference in the costs when you occasionally call a bit more. The minutes you occasionally use outside of the bundle are much more expensive than if you take a slightly larger bundle structurally.

2. Pay attention to how you send your messages

Nowadays you can send free messages through WhatsApp and other social media. In this way, your call/sms bundle is not charged and you can simply use it all for calls.
If you do want to use sms (text message), keep it in mind that these are charged per 160 characters. For example, you send a 180 character text message, and then you pay for two text messages.

3. Turn off roaming

Mobile internet abroad can incur additional necessary costs. This can be prevented by turning the (data) roaming option off. As long as that option is switched off you cannot use the internet abroad and your bill will not increase without you noticing. If you do need internet for something, you can of course enable roaming for a while without problems.

4. Take a longer contract

If you do not attach much importance to the flexibility of a monthly terminable subscription, then you are better of choosing a longer contract. The monthly costs are thereby much lower, because you then usually get a hefty extra discount.

5. Avoid high costs in a border area

Do you often in a border area? Your device can then automatically switch to a foreign network. You can prevent this by setting your phone to 'manually choose network'.

6. Check which holiday bundles you need before you go abroad

Holiday with your mobileIf you go on holiday this does not mean that you can suddenly no longer be online. In 2014 it need not be a problem to also remain connected to the internet during your stay abroad. Many providers have special holiday bundles for this, with which you can stay online cheaply. If you do not use these, then do check the tariffs at your destination anyway.

7. Take unlimited bundles if you are a heavy user

Do you really call a lot? Then also consider the bundles with unlimited calling. More and more providers offer all-you-can-eat calling. You then never again need to watch how much you are calling, and those expensive minutes outside of the bundle become a thing of the past.

8. In the meantime also customise your subscription

Many SIM only subscriptions may be customised, you can thus save unnecessary costs when you are suddenly calling much more or less than usual.

9. Connect through WiFi

WifiUse WiFi at home and at work to save on your data bundle. In fact, you can use WiFi in more and more public places. Great unlimited online option without it costing you anything.

10. Customise your call bundle on the calculation model

Check whether your provider charges (rounds off) per second or per minute. If they round it off per minute an average of 30% more minutes are charged. Instead of 100 minutes you then need a call bundle of 130 minutes to prevent you from going over it.