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Vodafone proposes sim only deals that allow you to carry out all your mobile activities at very attractive prices; indeed, one of the Vodafone proposals is a free sim! The free Vodafone sim is available online: just specify the type of sim required (standard, micro or nano) and choose between pay-monthly or pay-as-you-go options. Other Vodafone sim only proposals include monthly payment plans or twelve month plans; there are also internet sim cards for tablet or iPad. The simple, no-fuss, Vodafone sim only deal gives you immediate access to the entire range of up-to-the-minute Vodafone services: calls, texts and internet.

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Looking to change mobile operators? Love you phone and want to keep your number? Demand the best entertainment options and packages available? Then you need to check out Vodafone's SIM only plans. With Vodafone it's easy to replace your phone's SIM card, keep your old number and tap into great service plans for all your mobile needs.


Vodafone has a plan for every need, whether you just carry a phone for security or if you're a power user who needs high speed delivery of video and music. There's five prepaid plans ranging from limited minutes, data and text to unlimited voice, text and many GB of data. Even the most expensive package is rather affordable and will definately satisfy even the most insatiable media hunger.


Text and voice are a given, data is a necessity, what Vodafone is really about is the services attached. When you get a 12 month rate plan you get some incredible media subscriptions thrown into the mix. These include a NOW TV entertainment pass, a spotify premium account and Sky Sports mobile TV account for a month. With NOW TV, get access to a huge selection of television series on demand, streamed right to your mobile device. Spotify gives you the music you need, when you want to listen to; just browse the large catalogue for old favorites and new sensations. Sky Sports provides access to the sports you care about, right in the palm of your hand including Barclays Premier League matches, cricket, tennis and much more. All of these subscriptions are available for a year when purchasing the top tier SIM plan from Vodafone, an incredible value add. Payments on subscriptions start after the one year is up.

With Vodafone, keep everything you love; your old phone and your old number, and then upgrade everything else. The incredible services, great 4G speeds on data and unlimited text and minute options are sure to please even the hardiest of demands.

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