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Unlike many other smartphone providers, O2 gives its sim-only customers the full benefits of its service. That means that you can use your monthly data allowance to access 4G data for far speedier Internet browsing and streaming. O2 provides a range of sim-only options, which come with different tariffs, data allowances and minutes. Having a choice of sim-only packages from one of the UK's top mobile networks is most welcome and shows that O2 are really serious about providing quality packages to all of their customers, including those who are not committed on long contracts.

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More information on O2 SIM Only plans

O2 is one of the United Kingdom's most popular sellers of mobile phones, tablets, sim cards and mobile broadband contracts and packages. In the increasingly crowded and competitive British smartphone market, O2 constantly strives to deliver value in new and innovative ways, through its O2 Priority Moments program and also through offering 4G data connections to its customers free of charge.

Wide Range of Smartphones

When comparing the major UK smartphone retailers, O2 quite clearly has one of the largest and most extensive ranges on smartphone devices available today. These include devices from all the major manufacturers and from the different operating systems currently available, including Android, Windows, Blackberry and iOS. Due to its buying power, market reach and the sector of the market it reaches, O2 usually gets the newest smartphones as soon as they reach the market.

Packages Of Phones, Tablets and Dongles

O2 is continually expanding the range of products and services it offers to the public. Recently, it has started offering bundles which include a smartphone, a tablet and a sim contract all for one monthly fee. This has been popular as many consumers are still reluctant to make a large upfront outlay for a non-essential tablet devices, such as an iPad Mini or Nexus 7, but are willing for it over time as part of their monthly fee to O2.

O2 Sim Only Options

O2 offers customers the option of signing up for a month sim only contract, which usually commits the customer to a twelve or twenty-four month contract. O2 also offers customer the chance to use their pay-as-you-go sim only service, which commits you to topping your sim up with a certain amount of credit every month in order to use but has no long-term contract.

O2 Priority Moments

In an effort to differentiate the O2 brand from the fierce competition in this marketplace, O2 offers its customers a selection of large savings and special offers on items that are not necessarily strictly related to phones and tablets. These include deals with brands like Halfords, Caffe Nero and Domino's Pizza.

General network information

Network operator:O2

Tariffs O2 SIM Only

Setup costs: Free
Minutes outside of allowance:£ 0,40 a minute
Picture messages outside of allowance:£ 0,40 each

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