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EE is a rather new company within the United Kingdom which has already gained a reputation as being reliable, economical and as offering excellent levels of client support. Note that this SIM-only plan is available for existing EE customers only. Still, users can expect to enjoy impressive 4G data access, unlimited text messaging and no less than two gigabytes of Internet downloads per month. An additional amenity is that this plan comes with unlimited talking minutes; a perk not seen with many other providers. Priced just under thirteen pounds a month for a twelve-month contract, this SIM-only package is indeed a tempting option.

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More information on EE SIM Only plans

Since 2010, mobile phone provider EE (formerly known as Everything Everywhere) has been offering turnkey solutions for countless customers. As this provider boasts more masts than other network throughout the United Kingdom, clients can only expect superior levels of coverage when compared to other competitors. Indeed, this service has extended to countless locations throughout the country and many such areas can experience lightning-fast speeds of 4G. Thus, EE is an ideal choice for those who wish to enjoy superior levels of data transfer alongside unparallelled reliability.

Unique Advantages

EE also boasts some great offers for those who are looking for fantastic deals on mobile phones and other modern devices. For instance, clients can enjoy unlimited broadband and calls for extremely competitive rates in comparison to other providers in the industry. Or, a television services through EE is also now available; ideal for those who may be looking for bundle packages. Finally, it is important to note that EE has been known to offer some of the most robust and helpful levels of customer support. If there are any technical or billing questions, they can be addressed quickly and easily.

Sim-Only Deals

The line of SIM-only deals is likewise just as impressive. These plans are modular and designed to meet the unique needs of the customer. Of course, all of these plans are quit modular and will provide the amounts of data, airtime and text messages that are required. From basic packages to high-end deals which are intended for robust use, there is indeed a plan for every type of mobile customer. In addition, an existing provider can be switched over to an EE SIM card (and dedicated number) quickly and easily. Pay-as-you-go options are also available for those who do not wish to become involved in a long-term contract. For those who prefer this option, an impressive number of additional minutes are provided free whenever ever one "tops up" their 4G plan. These are some of the features which have allowed EE to be one of the most attractive choices for customers throughout the United Kingdom.

General network information

Network operator:EE (T-Mobile & Orange)
Terms:Terms & conditions

Tariffs EE SIM Only

Setup costs: Free
Minutes outside of allowance:£ 0,40 a minute
Picture messages outside of allowance:£ 0,40 each

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