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The 3 mobile operator offers phone and tablet deals for sim only, month to month and 24 month contracts. They have stores in most large high streets and pride themselves on having live phones available so customers can try before they buy. They have a great call centre too, and they can mail out a new phone or sim from there. They have the latest phone models for sale and as part of their contracts. Calls, texts and data costs no more than normal when you're overseas with 3's 'Feel At Home' service. A great perk for travellers to the listed 16 countries.

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More information on 3 SIM Only plans

The 3 mobile network covers 98% of the country, so there's not too many places in the UK that their signal doesn't reach. 3 has a very simple principle, they believe easy internet access is the most important thing for phone users these days, so they have a lot of plans with unlimited data, and that includes their sim-only plans. They also allow you to use your mobile phone as a personal hot spot, and they don't block Skype, which some providers do, so calls overseas can be totally free if you use that app.

All of 3 mobile's plans have 4G included at no extra cost, so if you have a 4G phone you can pick up the service wherever it's available. And they are planning to add more and more 4G areas as the weeks go by.

Calls to 0800 and 0500 numbers are free from 3, and if you need to ring a 084 or 087 number, it'll cost just 5p per minute. One of the most unique offerings is the 'Feel At Home' service - this lets you use your phone, including the data, exactly as you would at home when you are overseas. So you can call, text and check Facebook using your normal allowances for no extra fee. There are currently 16 selected countries where you can use this, and 3 are adding more all the time. And this applies to the sim-only plans as well.

There is a really wide choice of sim-only plans available. There's a pay as you go, 1 month and 12 month, and lots of different combinations of data, text and call allowances with each of these. With so many on offer, there's a plan for everyone's individual needs and budgets. 3 also have sim-only broadband packages too.

There are high street shops in most large towns to help out with any queries, plus there's a call centre and website too. 3 mobile is the trading name of Hutchinson 3G UK, and if you pay for your sim plan by direct debit, this is the name that'll appear on your statement.

General network information

Network operator:Three Mobile (3)

Tariffs 3 SIM Only

Setup costs: Free
Minutes outside of allowance:£ 0,35 a minute
Picture messages outside of allowance:£ 0,20 each

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