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What is SIM only?

In 2022 a SIM only is just about the most popular subscription for a mobile phone. This is primarily because a SIM only is much cheaper than a regular subscription. With a SIM only subscription, you only get a SIM card and no device. That is what is a SIM only is. Due to the fact that you continue to call with your existing phone, you save a lot of unnecessary costs. The price you normally pay for your ‘free phone’ is omitted with a SIM only and thus you are left with significantly lower monthly subscription costs.

Why SIM only?

As explained you call much cheaper with a SIM only deal than with a normal subscription. Moreover, you are not tied to anything, because there are several providers with monthly terminable subscriptions. In addition to low monthly payments and the freedom to go wherever you want, you can still call with your own reliable device.

Switching or just extending? And what about number portability?

If you existing contract is (almost) finished, you can go wherever you want. You can switch to another provider, or just extend with your current provider. Make sure that you actively extend your subscription, thereby sealing a new subscription. Even with your own provider renewing automatically may be very costly. It may happen that a certain promotional tariff will expire at the end of your contract, meaning you're suddenly going to pay more. By extending your SIM only yourself, you also often get a new subscription with new promotional tariffs.

If you switch provider, you of course want to keep your existing mobile number. This option is regulated by law, and thus you can use free number portability with all providers. Your new provider will arrange it all for you. They cancel your current contract and let you know when your number is eventually transferred to them. The only thing you need to watch out for is that you request the number portability up to 2 months before the end of your current contract.

Why Best SIM Only?

Best SIM Only was founded in 2008 and has since grown into the largest SIM only comparator in the UK. We have therefore gained the necessary experience over the past seven years.

Saving on your mobile subscriptionSaving on your mobile subscription. We combine the deals of no less than 13 network providers as the only SIM only price comparator in the Netherlands. Moreover, we offer the possibility to include the reviews from other consumers in addition to the prices in your choice of SIM only. Our Compare SIM Only website is updated with the latest deals every day. So you can make an informed choice of the most suitable subscription. Our mission is to save consumers unnecessary costs, so we can stay in touch with each other without any worries. Read more about Best SIM Only and check out our tips for saving.

For who is SIM only appropriate?

SIM only deals are suitable for anyone who wants to call cheaper and still has a good device, or has no problem with buying a separate device. In many cases it is cheaper to buy a separate device in combination with a SIM only subscription, than ordering a ‘free’ phone with subscription. Whether you have a need for unlimited calling and internet, or only occasionally use your phone, there is a suitable subscription for everyone. Recently, we are further seeing that especially the cheap SIM only subscriptions are a popular alternative for pay as you go SIM card users.